All You Need To Know About New Microsoft Office 2019

New Microsoft Office 2019 – Microsoft New Microsoft Office 2019 is the updated version of the Microsoft office software. You buy the product once and enjoy the unlimited advantages forever. There is a reasonable annual subscription fee which is worth paying for the lavish features. Also, this version of the Microsoft office can be used in laptop, PC, tab or in a smartphone.

New Microsoft Office 2019

New aspects are rolled and revised in the 2019 version of the Microsoft Office.

What Are The New Features of New Microsoft Office 2019?

  • Six different users can operate the full desktop version of the Microsoft office such as Excel, word, powerpoint, outlook, OneNote in many desired devices they want. The only thing is that one user can use the office on a single device at once.
  • Improved features and inking.
  • Latest chart type in the excel sheet.
  • Finest powerpoint experience.
  • Focused outlook inbox.
  • Better services for integrations for the Microsoft.
  • Also, if you are a business person and willing to buy the office 2019, you are making the finest choice for your business and opening up an opportunity for yourself to grow and make more revenues.
  • Compelling features with no confusions.
  • Interesting stuff and superior approach towards usage. For further details, connect at

Essentials Of Microsoft Office 2019


Word is used by the wider percentage of the world’s population. The world is equally comfortable by drafting the letters and other written stuff through the word because it is easy and suggests the right phase and also, it corrects the spelling. It is a great way to learn proper grammar and punctuations. The new word came up with more improvisations and improved features which are still unbeatable. Microsoft word is found simple and convenient by the people.


OneNote has the biggest change in the New Microsoft Office 2019 The finest feature is the Ink-to-text support, which means that whatever your handwritten material would be, that will turn into typed text.

Excel – New Microsoft Office 2019

When it comes to the spreadsheet, the only name comes in the mind is the Microsoft office excel. It is still alluring and comfortable to operate and store the data efficiently. People are willing to know and use the advanced and latest update to the excel. They are expecting more comfort with office 2019. The latest feature in Excel is the charts, 2D maps, and the timelines for the better presentations and organization of the data of the company.


Powerpoint tool’s made business easy and the meetings easier. With the help of powerpoint, it is easier to explain the wider concepts. The pie charts, tables, diagrams, and percentage charts are amazingly faster to be operated.

Pencil Support

Roaming pencil case support which allows the user to write by the hand and add on the superior text with the flexibility of the pencil. The office 2019 also comes with the behind-the-scenes changes such security updates which are made on the monthly bases. Also, this reduces the network bandwidth use. If you are facing any difficulty with exploring the features of the Office 2019, connecting at will be a wise choice. 24/7 office support is provided by the team of professionals to solve the queries.

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